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A lot of companies provide DNA 'ancestrial' testing. The only reason I see to have dna tests done is to prove paternity. The dna test's I've seen provides links to 26 ethnic groups.

The people most important to study are indigiounus people, often who won't waste money on a dna study.

In the wealthy western world people may have an obsessive compulsive disorder to know their 'origin.' What difference does it make unless you were from a broken home, an orphin, or foster kid?

Most families are broken in some way. It's helpfull to know your parents, grandparents and great grandparents if possible. Beyond that shouldn't culture be more important than ancestry?

In the western world especially the U.S. people move all the time. I read that the average lenght of time to stay in a place is seven years.

There are more than twenty six different ethnic groups. 

Wikipedia for example shows 87 distinct peoples of Europe.

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Has anyone had dna testing in attempt to find their ancestory?  If so, why,  and did it provide the information you were seeking?

23 and me seems like a scam.

Chris, your reason(s) for saying 23 And Me seems like a scam?

Ancestry dot com offered to tell me what my last name means but wanted reams of family info. I entered a bunch but it kept on wanting more. I quit without the answer I wanted.

They asked my reason for quitting and I told them.

Culture is more important than ancestry.

What does you last name mean? It doesn't matter. It doesn't describe who you are.

I think it makes history more interesting if you can personalize it. Also with travel and so many people not living in a culture that is theirs it gives a sense of belonging. I've never had a DNA test either. 

Culture can also be stolen from you as can your Clan name, your Family name! 
Your family name gives you a connection to your ancestors thus giving you a sense of continuation of history at a personal level. 
Culture belongs to the Society that you live in, so it is possible to change the culture you live in. 
From my point of view on culture is "Do as the Romans do" when living in a culture that you decide to live in that is not your culture you grew up in. 

I for example only have to go back two generations to know my last name isn't inherited, It's adopted.  When my parents went to Scotland my dad was told his (adopted)  last name wasn't Scottish, it was Norman and was corrected on the pronunciation.

Some who emigrated to the U.S. names were mispelled during processing.

At best a surname only provides the fraternal side of ancestory. 

I knew a Pacific Islander who's full name was about two paragraphs long to describe his family history, including where he was born.

That is correct with both the Polynesians and the Maoris. The Maoris could recite their family history back to their colonisation of Aotearoa! 

My Grandmother had both her Culture, her language  and Clan name stolen from her when she was taken from her mother by the colonists. She was forced to adopt the European culture of the English. 
So now I am basically cultureless. Oh! I may have been brought up in the European based Australian culture but that does not mean that I fully accepted it. 

DNA testing from many, if not most commercial enterprises doesn't provide valuable information.

The map I provided previously shows Australian Aboriginals, the Americas, among other regions aren't included in the commercial study.

I'm hearing it's just another means of database collection for mass consumption.

DNA testing for paternity is not the only reason. The Charlie Gard case is exemplary.

Food for thought.

In Child Deaths, a Test for Christian Science.

David and Ginger Twitchell, a Christian Science couple from Massachusetts who relied on prayer rather than on doctors as their young son lay dying from an obstructed bowel, were convicted of involuntary manslaughter last month. It was a stunning verdict, coming as it did in the very shadow of the Mother Church in Boston.

More in the link above.

There are many cases where parents prayed for god to save their children rather than taking them to a doctor, or a hospital.

Failure to thrive with infants used to be common.

If you look into history you may find culling was common.

In poverty stricken areas birth control may have been difficult.

Fortunately birth prevention and medical care has improved.

Are you suggesting that a 23 and me DNA test may provide information for copulators to think about using birth control?


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