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Is it possible for children brought up in a religious upbringing to move beyond?

Ones I've seen arent able to. They always seem to carry the baggage.

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Hello Joey,

I don't know how to comment much - though often do.

If i May sir - even what may be called grunts should be taught what they are fighting for.

Perhps that's what foot ball is for.

I don't know much.

Prehaps its a good idea for kids to burn out testerone in football games then war.


Kind of wondring if kids know about how to fight fires- or other aspects of  climate change and/or how to be a paramedic.

Joey I don't now about about FiortPolk.

For that matter I don't know much about, what I would call my relligion which is Democracy.

Words may and often cut sharper than a bayonet.

 I don't know much. 

Interesting thoughts I've read.

Without fools there would be no wisdom.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.


No matter how far you urinate, the last
drop always falls at your feet’’

Kind of funny.

Undress - you are now mine.

If I may I've seen even in grunts capable people.

 Sorry - I'd like to see people able to move on to college.

That may be another subject.

I donno much.

God Damittit.  Foster kids interactacting with drill seargents can be interesting.

Unfortunately foster kids are often tossed into the military without family support.

Kind of funny - when my dad  'joined' the Airforce about the time of the Korean war - his monther sent him some cookies.  The drrill seargent messed with him and makde him eat all of them - to the point of becoming ill.

Another thing my father said was that during boot camp that black people had to polish their boots.  He said the boots provided to the black airmen had the hide, rather than the finished side out.  He said he helped  used ligher fluid and razors to polish the boots.

I donno know much.

Great 11 Boo and 95 Bravo.

Great you weren't stationed in Vietnam -  You are intellegent so didn't have to slog.


I don't know much. Still trying to learn.

With the above statement I don't know much of anything

I should keep my opinions to myself.

I don't know much about tiger teams though bla bla bla

I remember Pat Condell from his early videos back in the day when he was a decent man with liberal ideas and who spoke the truth about Islam. Over the years he's morphed into a racist xenophobe who sees himself as the oracle of truth.  


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