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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

Is it possible for children brought up in a religious upbringing to move beyond?

Ones I've seen arent able to. They always seem to carry the baggage.

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I wonder how many kids end up in 'foster' homes of Mormons,  Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovahs Whitness',  Pentacosticals, or the like.

Homelessness may not be a better option. 

I suppose having a meal of crow is better than freezing on the street.

To change things for a moment, I remember a story many years ago in the isles of Scotland where a group of Christian extremists infiltrated a local councils family protection unit and started to accuse ordinary families of abusing their children and had some of the children taken into care and fostered with religious families. It all came to  a head when they started to accuse these families of witchcraft. It took some time for the authority's to realise that the council had been infiltrated by a sect of extreme Christians and gave the children back to their families.

Main article: South Ronaldsay child abuse scandal
In 1990-1991 nine children suspected of being sexually abused by their families and an alleged child abuse ring were removed by social services in Orkney. The abuse was also alleged to involve "ritualistic elements".[57] The parents approached the media and made the case national and international news. In April 1991, a sheriff ruled that the evidence was seriously flawed and the children were returned home.[57]
In June, social services appealed the sheriff's ruling[58] but the appeal was overturned and an official inquiry was established in August 1991, which after 9 months' investigation at a cost of £6 million, published its report in October 1992. It described the dismissal of the first judgment as "most unfortunate" and criticized all those involved, including the social workers, the police, and the Orkney Islands Council. Social workers' training, methods, and judgment were given special condemnation, and the report stated that the concept of "ritual abuse" was "not only unwarrantable at present but may affect the objectivity of practitioners and parents".[59][60] A 1994 government report based on three years of research found that there was no foundation to any of the Satanic abuse claims.[57] "

Indoctrinating children with religion is a predatory assault on an unformed mind.  As it has been so eloquently put, someday it will be against the law, and then the term Human Rights may actually mean something....and who knows...Civilization!!!


Sorry for the icon, for any who are immediately is meant as a reminder of how I was raised.  I have been an atheist since childhood, but I live in an Insane world.


Your icon is fine by me Joey. At least it will wake people up.

Don't worry about your Avitar Joey

If you don't like it change it.  You are welcome do do what you want with it.

That satanic worshp  bullship fanticy went all the way to someplace in Scotland in 1990-1991.

I first heard it starded as mass media and hysteria campaign was at McMartin Preschool in the mid 1980's

Larger reference 

Day-care sex-abuse hysteria

McMartin Preschool

The McMartin Preschool case was the first daycare abuse case to receive major media attention in the United States.[21] The case centered upon the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, where seven teachers were accused of kidnapping children, flying them in a plane to another location, and forcing them to engage in group sex as well as forcing them to watch animals be tortured and killed.[21] The case also involved accusations that children had been forced to participate in bizarre religious rituals, and been used to make child pornography.[22] The case began with a single accusation, made by the mother - who was later found to be a paranoid schizophrenic[3] - of one of the students, but grew rapidly when investigators informed parents of the accusation and began interviewing other students.[22] The case made headlines nationwide in 1984, and seven teachers were arrested and charged that year.[22] When a new district attorney took over the case in 1986, however, his office re-examined the evidence and dropped charges against all but two of the original defendants. Their trials became one of the longest and most expensive criminal trials in the history of the United States,[22][1] but in 1990 all of these charges were also dropped.[21] Both jurors at the trial and academic researchers later criticized the interviewing techniques that investigators had used in their investigations of the school, alleging that interviewers had "coaxed" children into making unfounded accusations, repeatedly asking children the same questions and offering various incentives until the children reported having been abused.[21] Most scholars now agree that the accusations these interviews elicited from children were false.[23][24] Sociologist Mary de Young and historian Philip Jenkins have both cited the McMartin case as the prototype for a wave of similar accusations and investigations between 1983 and 1995, which constituted a moral panic.[25][22]

Many of the parents, kids, and teachers caught up in that hysteria have never gotten over it.  Some of the accused - last I heard (about six years ago) are still in prison. 

I understand that again from the last time I seriously looked into it is that even though some of the accused were finally released that they haven't been able to reconcile with their  children, family, or commmunity.

The pieces  of shit religious zeallot parents, 'child psychologist' and proseccutor - last I heard the prosecuter was elected as the County District Attorney.    The 'child' psychologist hopefully had her license revolded.  I suppose that even though the bar can disban an attorney it's not possible as a DA since it's  an elected position.  He's probably the 'clown' Mayor. 

Could you think of a worse place to live where after all the evidence hase been presented that some people remain in prison and the community supports convicting people for alledged witchcraft.   

I'vet raveled through that area.  It is exactly as it seems - filled with religious zeallots - many who likely purchased themseves and others many of the Armogeddon books.  It isn't entirely the religious zeallots fault-  More important may be the media propiganda the promoted the idea - it didn't stop there.  Shortly after anytime an animal was hit by a car it  was portrayed as dying from satan worhipers.

It's unimaginable how much damage those religious fearful satanists destroyed the possibility of children to have babysitters, mentors, coaches, teachers who would be willing to be kind to them and teke them under their wing?

I hate those religious zeallots and the propigandists that promoted it. 

Some of the influence from that continues today.  I live about four blocks from an elementary school.  I usually dont drive by it when school is getting out because of the traffic of  (Baby on Board) grandparents picking their kiddies.  There are a lot of cars. The cars line up and down more than two blocks on each side of the road. Some of the kids may not live more than five blocks away.   Having written that several acquaintance have said many of the kids attending the local school don't live in the neighborhood, or school district.  Something should be done about that.  It's basically a form of tax fraud.

Touche'....Good on Ya Chris!  :-)

I ended up in a Foster home.  My father was to son of a minister and my mother rendered completely insane by Fundamentalist Christian upbringing.  They both died in agony, but not before attempting to spread their evil on others.  They were victims of a diseased culture.  The insanity stops here, I am atheist...and when people ask me why, I reply, "Because I am Sane."


"The insanity stops here" I couldn't agree with you more Joey. From a person who's been sane for most his adult life. 

I have empathy for you being put into a foster home.  I'd guess and hope that you had sane caring foster parents that didn't toss you out of their lifes after you reached age 18.  

Take care of yourself Joey my friend.

My first foster parents tossed me out at age 17! That's when I came out as an Atheist. Don't get me wrong, by and large, they were good people and they helped me in many ways. I was forced into another foster home. These people were good too. My foster mother was a Doctor, She also owned and ran Kremer's Children's Institution in Montclair, California. I was honest with her about my atheist thinking. She was very sympathetic.
She used to tell me about her dissertation to get her Post Doctorate, it was all about the relativity of Normality. She showed me her paper, I thought it quite intelligent and profound. Normality is for us defined by one's culture. The mind has no defense against this other than Education and awareness. If one were to go to the Amazon Jungle and meet with a Tribal head hunter, and perhaps, ask him if he were ashamed of his five shrunken heads, he would probably reply, "yes, I am ashamed, my brother-in-law has twenty!!!" Ah well, all in all, I have had a good life. Thank-you for your considerate comments.


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