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Dammit, no one asked me If I wanted to be born! No one has a right...

...a right to keep me here without my consent! I want more separation of church and state.

When I was a kid religions had enough political power to force local and state governments to enact blue laws (aka Sunday laws). These laws required most businesses to close on Sundays. The only store open near where I lived was a pharmacy.

Too many other religion-mandated laws still exist. Among them are laws that require people to live in pain. Until recently medical doctors ignored the oath they had taken to do no harm.

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Why should anyone be incarcerated for trying to off themselves? Is suicide a crime against the state?

It is in most if not all of the fifty states. I tell people "If you do it, make sure you succeed."

Death with dignity is now lawful in a few states and the whole medical profession has only recently begun to see pain as a problem.

Religious people are sadistic too. The Catholic Church is the chief opponent.

If one must off themselves, they should do it successfully.

Suicide stopped being a crime in the UK in 1961.

 No one asked me if I wanted to be born?

Here you are alive born in a world you may not enjoy with religionists who believe procreation is gods will.

For some reason procreation is still seen as a virtue. Perhaps it's because consumerision and economic therory of expansion from the Chicago Boys is still seen as benificial.

Har, Har -- some day sustainability may overrun the piece of shit economic phylosophy of Milton Friedmon.

Perhaps it's because consumerision and economic therory of expansion from the Chicago Boys is still seen as benificial.

It's because a few people use other people, get rich, and buy politicians to make the laws that will let them raise their kids to do the same. In short, sociopathy.

Oregon was the first state in the Union that provided doctor assisted suicide. Several friends of mine comitted suicide. I was a care giver for a family member who may not have had a terminal illness, but no longer wanted to live. She placed herself under hospice care.

The medical industry is a piece of shit when it comes to caring for chronic illness and the terminally ill. Sometimes I think they want the patient off their expense account.

The dumbest think I ever heard was a doctor telling a terminally ill patient that they don't want them addicted to pain medicine. You can thank the lawyers in Congress that don't know anything about medical care for the restriction of needed pain medicine.

It seems as though most of congress doesn't know anything about science - let alone medicine.

It's unbelievable the members of congress that are on committees for science, health, and environment.

The best example I can remember is Inholf bringing a snowball into the house as proof there is no such thing as global warming.

Who votes for these people?

Ted Cruze is another one.

There should be an obvious reason why Republicans are, or feign to be anti-science.

Are these representatives that stupid, or do they play a role like actors being paid by green house and climate change producers?

To give them the benifit of doubt for intelligence my guess is they have no moral fiber and are shilling to greenhouse gas conglomerates.

is an excelent source of funding information for elected representatives, legislation, and other influences on politics
"It's unbelievable the members of congress that are on committees for science, health, and environment."

Chris, it's believable to those who know the Republican elite want feudalism. The feudal elites built castles for themselves.

What do the Democratic elite want?

Are there alternatives that are better for the non-elites?

I thought Bernie Sanders would be a better candadate then Clinton.


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