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I just saw  Joel  Osteen's TV preacher show.

He probably gets more women in bed and takes more money than any rock star.

He's amazing


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Look at the aditorium he filled up with 'Worshippers" 


I don't know what the word halleujah means - except Jesus preaschers able to get simpletons money.

Jim Baker (of Jim and Tammy Baker fame from the 1980's) who ended up in Federal Prison is now selling armegeddon supplies.

The above likely isn't the best example of that charlatan.

It's disgusting isn't it?

I've seen worse.

If you want to have fun go to a Pentecostal church  and laugh as they roll on the ground speaking babble nonsense.

There is something fundamentally wrong with people  who send money to Jim Baker, Joel  Osteen and the like.

I've heard that some of them vote - even more contagious hold political office.


Not that it matters. 


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