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Conspiracy Culture in Modern American Society

Sorry I don't know how to embed the video.

Indiana University Bloomington professor Stephen Andrews taught a class about conspiracy culture in modern American society. He looked at the demographics of what types of people believe in conspiracies and talked about how the internet has influenced these groups. He also discussed strategies teachers might use when speaking with students or peers about theories related to a fake moon landing, flat earth or 9/11 as a government action. This is the second of a two-part seminar hosted by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

I''d like to find the transcript for this epistode/class. It would be even better to attend his entire course about this subject and series related to this.

I found it interesting for example that 37% of Americans believe that houses are haunted. 70% believe Angels and demons are active in the world

How many people believe aliens visited Earth?

I think it's worth the hour and a half to watch the lecture.

It would be interesting to know more about this topic.   I'm thinking of contacting this guy.  It seems as though conspiracy theories are part of the human condition though I think the term conspiracy is a tainted word.

For example "Is it a conspiracy that the rich and powerful control the world?

I'd say 'No.'  Do they tip the scales - 'Yes.'

In a way I think he's missed the point with his vernacular - though this class is is for high school teachers  to interact with high school students.

Side note:

I have to repair my other computer.  I'm having trouble spending $14 for a hard drive tool kit which includes a T5 screwdriver bit, which should only cost about a dollar. I have the other tools I need.  The last think I need is more duplicate tools. The guy who was going to replace the hard drive blew the logic board out which cost me $540.  That more than likely happened because he didn't use proper grounding ESD (Electrostatic discharge) procedures when he was working on my computer. I emailed and asked him if he used as ESD mat - to which he didn't reply.

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After watching the lecture I wonder how many 'Atheists' believe in  some type of "Woo."

I don't like the term 'conspiracy theory'

For example do wealthy people control politics.  That isn't a conspiracy - wealthy people have influence.

As a side note I was invited to and visited the Bohemian Grove. It was no big deal.

Its not a conspiracy to say that rich people control America. But it's a different matter when they say these rich people are lizards in disguise 

Ha Ha.Ha

Lizard people

Whats his name Richard  Eakes?


I find the poll that 70% believe Angels and demons are active in the world the most disturbing.

Looking at entrails to predict the future and the goofy thought that demons have influence in the world is worrying.

(70% believe Angels and demons are active in the world.)

If people in the military believe this stuff what are they fighting for?

An armagedon senerio.  

Dr. Stranglove, or. How I learned to sop worry and love the Bomb.

Is it okay to say the prime minister of Israel Bejamin Netanyhu is a a religious kook without being called anti semitic?

Thinking about this further - I wonder how many people who call themselves 'Atheists' believe in kookie- woo thoughts such as lizard people, or ancient aliens.

Perhaps 'true rationalists' are a rare 'breed'.


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