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Hey all, just wondering if any of you have ever had any experience with dealing with a blogstalker. My most recent one is a bit of a self-proclaimed "Master Logician" and has taken it upon himself to come to my blog and try to prove me wrong whenever the topic gets philosophical. He calls himself The Famous Brett Watson (or TFBW in his comments), and he has a self-made forum where he talks about his quest against me to his "friends", of which only one has commented. His forum is basically a circle-jerk where he goes to receive praise from his buddies.

He's pretty smart, and quite polite, so I won't ban him from my blog, but his comments do make me feel unsure of myself. What should I do in this situation?

You can see some of his comments at my blog.



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Oh wow!
That guy's a major masturbator.
He'll suck his own brain dry to make a point.

Avoidance is the best course of action IMO. 

I second that. I would ignore him. Like he's not commenting. You're not forced to respond to all comments. Most bloggers don't respond to most comments. Once you ignore him, he will go away, famous or not. Isn't he the guy who insisted physicians didn't need to know evolution to be good physicians?

I do not think you should let him affect you, like making you unsure of yourself, ignore him is what I would do...

You must be doing something right. (= But yes, agreed with the above. You could probably exhaust yourself trying to reason with him and that may be his whole focus. I have "friends" like this. Better to just not respond or refer him to further reading material in regards to the subject. (=

His latest post on his personal circle-jerk forum really has me down...

"The praise that Martin receives on his blog for his insight and ability to reason does nothing good for my view of mankind's rationality in general."

What to do? I don't engage him, and I'm sure he doesn't know I talk about him, but he keeps coming back!

His last comment at my blog is here.

My advice continues to be to ignore him completely. And to NOT go to his blog at all. It's a waste of time.

However, if you want me to piss him off a bit for you, I'll comment on your blog :-)

I'd love to see your comments Adriana! You're always welcome at my home :D

are you serious martin?! THIS guy is making you feel unsure? pffft! He lost me as soon as he said a person can claim to be an elephant but that does not make them one.. well of course it doesn't! that's a psychical attribute you arse! But if they claim to be a christian well that's self identification.. No one can tell them they aren't.. I just read more and there is another guy saying the same thing I am.. Ignore him.. he's twisted his own logic so far that if it touches your logic it will twist you. OR have fun with him.. relax and really read what he's trying to say.. religious people always have a major flaw.. sit back spot it and shut him down.. he's a pompous ass.. who calls themselves FAMOUS anyway? smh 

OK, I went to post a comment. But if I were you I'd stop responding to his comments. Ignore him and he'll go away. He doesn't really have anything to offer. He just likes to hear himself tslk.


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