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blasphemy in Austria in court for speaking Truth about Islam and the prophet

What is going on in Europe? Once the bastion of Enlightenment it now penalizes history itself. For fear of upsetting the religiously deluded and obsessed who have more rights about their ignorance than education people revealing the very perniciousness so prevalent in religious practices, attitudes and violation of human rights.

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Psychotherapy. Karl Krauss had an excellent take on that. He wrote back then in the days of Freud in his Vienna that: psychiatry thinks itself the cure when it is the disease.

Still I take you point. Actually a good dose of LSD might do the trick. Then play Captain Beefhart.

dear brilliant brains trust---Acid is harmless. With the proviso that invented by that swiss chemist who never had any bad trips. then the CIA in the 60s doused themselves in countless acid parties. none the worse for it. it got so popular the bosses put a stop to it. too much fun. too radical. then timothy leary -great gaelic stock there---and finally amerika's social kontrol freaks made it illegal. i am a late comer to that scene. did a few years of this in the early 70s then grew out of it. today it is being reintroduced to help with soldiers suffering the post-stress trauma, depression and a few other mental problems traditional psychiatric approaches simply fail to make headway with. the popularity of mdma - tried it - didn't like it - only gets hairy due to dodgy additives. quality control is everything. as for meth--well I am on prescription dexies which I eat as prescribed. great. keeps my head from disintegrating.  the meth-heads make the mistake of smoking it. tried that too. overrated. don't forget people go mental on the piss. reason can be a trap in and of itself but I think I know what you are getting at. sanity! that is insane. I have not just a long way to there is no end to it at all.

and the actual comment was being ironic

Fuck Christianity, Fuck Islam, Fuck Judism and fuck all religions and bring on blasphemy trials we will run fucking rings around them in the courts of justice and public opinion 

Interesting reference. 

I would not visit Ireland because of there kookie  "Catholic" blasphemy laws.

It seems Irland is backward thinking with procreation.

One doesn't have to have seven children to be human.

Would I be criminalized and imprisoned for my language?


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