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Beaten up for being gay - When will this hatred stop.

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Highly unlikely within our lifetime.

Such a shame this still happens. 

Yes it is a shame for both the victims and the attackers those boys have ruined their lives. The victims will hopefully recover but the attackers will have it hung over them for most of their lives. What a waste.

Yes,It's all so pointless.

For some reason bakers seem to be the ones most likely to deny service to people they perceive as gay and most likely to push it through the court system.

What is it with bakers? 

Does making cakes with frothy cream filling and sugar flowery decorations make them feel lnsecure?

Hatred will never end.

I often tell people if it isn't religious bigotry, political motives, skin, or hair color then it will be some  nonsense cultural difference that others are intollerant of.

How awful, I think you might be right, there will always be hateful people just wanting to find some difference that can seperate us.


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