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B.C. surpasses worst wildfire season on record — and threat is far ...

silhouette B.C. surpasses worst wildfire season on record — and threat is far from over Wed, 16 Aug 2017 15:51:59 EDT Though many evacuees are safely back home, dry conditions across B.C. mean the wildfire situation remains unpredictable. Read More

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In the past at this time of year does it rain much in BC. And if it did rain how much would you need to put out the fires.

The coastal areas get the rain.

Rain is not common in the interior, which is one of the many reasons why we burn. Our precip here is snow, but with global warming, we're not getting it as we used to.

We had daily rain for 7 months, from May to November last year, & as this year showed, it did nothing for the dry conditions.

Experts have said we'd need daily downpours for years to get us out of this, & that is not going to happen.

Unfortunately the great Redwood Forrests North of the San Francisco Bay area are dying because the fog that provides moisture isn't as predominante.

Same with Abalone, which are often gathered (poached) by illegal fishing.…

 "With so much original forest cleared - or forest that has been transformed into timber monoculture plantations - maybe it's time to create new forest better equipped to handle next generation climate. That could mean zones of Mediterranean cypress that resists burning, and planting polycultures of maple, oak,aspen, poplar, and others that are known to resist fire. Also ginkgo, sweetgum (liquidamber), ash, Chinese pistache. By 2050, it is expected that 200 million hectares of forest will be plantations, so it might as well be done with climate change and forest fire in mind.” http://… As the tundra dries, it becomes excellent fuel for a fire. It is an interesting land on which to take a walk. There are piles of living, growing moss, with water channels all around that drains when the soil is moist. When the water dries up, the moss dries and becomes fuel for a fire.

Bla, Bla Bla.

Wildfires combine to create largest blaze in B.C. near Quesnel
A women stops on the side of the highway to watch a forest fire burn near Revelstoke on Saturday August 19. The Canadian Press
More from The Canadian Press

KAMLOOPS — Several large wildfires have combined into what the B.C. Wildfire Service says is the largest blaze burning in the province.

The wildfire service says at least six fires in an area west of Quesnel in central B.C. have burned together to create a single fire that is about 4,700 square kilometres in size.

Until Sunday, the wildfire service said the largest fire covered 2,270-square kilometres and was burning about 60 kilometres west of Williams Lake.

Fire officials reported 137 blazes across the province on Sunday and the wildfire service website shows seven new fires started in a 24-hour period.

Four are believed to be linked to lightning but the website says three may have been caused by human activity.



HOORAY What a relief for everyone in BC

Don't know how wide spread it is though, & we need days & days of it.


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