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Atheist 6th grader asks Pastor about Noah's ark (6 min. video excerpt from debate)

A Pastor can feel free to talk about Noah's ark in church, but when it goes on the internet, most of the public responds "are you serious?"
Youtube link:

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Is he/she your kid? Clever :-)

You're pretty good in the video yourself, Bernie. Very clearly explained. 

I like the Magadascar guy too :-)

I like how the pastor's excuse is that Noah was not a scientist :-)

Yes- that was my boy.  His first claim to fame was confronting Eric Hovind on his nonsense:

Tell him I congratulate him on being so articulate and engaging, and of course smart. And congrats to the parents as well :-)

Neil de Grasse-Tyson agrees with you guys:

Asking for tangible "proof" of God (a supernatural being) is illogical.


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