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I would like to know why people believe in dieties that are and never have been relevant to life except that make people feel good and comfortable. I have never seen any evidence in the belief and too much science facts to prove other wise. Dieties have been around from egyptian,Greek,Norse, and Rome. These all turned out to keep the masses under control and it still does. So far diety worship is just another way to make money off the masses and these people are suspose to be the intelligent ones. They even go so far as to brain wash their children. There is no such things as christian children just products of christian parents.

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Its always about money, superstition, & control of people.

Hi John. Like I said in your welcome if you are writing an essay on the discrimination of atheists you might want to concentrate on different parts of the world. Atheists in the west hardly notice the discrimination even though it exists but that's not the same in other parts of the world especially those Muslim countries.

Richard Dawkins agrees with you.


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