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Am I the only one that's not seen the Game of Thrones

Apart from being given the pilot episode for free, I've not watched any of the other episodes. But am I the only one who dislikes these pseudo-history drama's especially when it purported to show English history. I can't count the times I've spoken to Americans online who think it's the real history of my country. As someone who loves to read the history of the world especially English history, it really pisses me off.

I would love to hear other peoples views on this subject.

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Never seen it, not interested in seeing, don't care. Hearing the constant advertising for it, the fans over the moon about it, & glued to it as if their lives depended on it, is bloody annoying. I don't care who watches it, but do not expect everyone else to watch. I don't get ''addicted'' to any type of show, no matter the topic.

Oh, good Mrs B I'm not the only one who dislikes this so-called historical drama, especially when so many people think its the real deal. 

They dramatize everything so I know not to buy into the hype, for these shows. They are supposed to entertain, so they do whatever they want to try to get the audience.....I ain't one of 'em.

Stephen, [here, copy Mrs. B’s two posts.]

Fiction requires readers to suspend their disbelief.

I did that briefly only for the fiction I no longer write.

Tom, it's usually quite easy for me to suspend disbelief on a good drama, but this Game of Thrones just made it to hard for me to do it.

I didn't watch that drama.

I prefer non-fiction. 

Truth is more intersting that fiction.

I have never seen it.

I admittedly have a pop culture deficit, and I am slightly proud of that., lol


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