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A Rabbi is asked about the burning of the Notre Dame and how this relates to his country----

----and the answer he gives is an exercise in a case of religious logic that is beyond inventive, because what he thinks and what he says and what he can say and what he would really like to say are all in conflict.

or as this website says:

After Notre Dame fire, leading Israeli rabbi says ‘There is no mitzvah to [burn down] churches abroad. In our holy land, however, the issue is more complicated’ Israel/Palestine Yossi Gurvitz on April 16, 2019

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Thanks, Lutz. Very thought provoking article, especially with the rise of the religious right in Israel.

Stephen - thanx for the interest. That website is interesting what they find. I don't post everything all the time because that is self defeating. But religious habits ideas etc from some of these more fundamentalists is often ignored in this frenzy of going -only- after Islam.


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