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Good one Mrs.B. Canada is doing exactly the same as in the UK empty churches being sold to property company's. But I don't see anything sad in the process. Good for Canada.

I haven't even been asked what religion I am since I was pre-teen. The topic just doesn't come up here.

Me neither. Once every ten years we have a census and are asked what religion we follow, feck knows why. Even though we have an established church in the UK the idiots who run it still cant keep bums on pews.  

Yes, we have the same 10 year census & I put the largest tick mark I can on the NONE!!!

I think in our last census we were aske for the first time if we were Atheist.

I actually can't remember if it was none or atheist, but that's what I marked anyway. Funny, it was just a year ago, but I can't remember.

Of course I fill out so many medical forms that I can't remember who asks what way.

I also meant not being asked what religion I am since pre-teen, I meant just nosy, face to face people, not paper forms.

I know what you mean I wasn't sure. But I think we had to campaign to put Atheist on the paper

Depends how things are worded too, because atheism is not a religion, & I say so if there's a place to comment.


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