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1+1=1 or What Makes Obama Black

I recently learned about emotional intelligence and the importance of knowing one's emotional quotient. I guess it's high time the world started addressing fallacies.
My intention is not to cleanse Barack Obama of his Kenyan root or anything. But how does his father's blackness overshadows his mother's whiteness? By the way, is he black or brown when you look at his picture?
There may be cultural arguments that the man's race or ethnicity prevails. In addition to doubting the "cultural" accuracy, let me illustrate that the "man's root supremacy" usually goes with winds.
In 1994, many Rwandans were massacred for what they were born. When someone was found to have two "roots", then it didn't matter whether the "wrong" root was paternal or maternal. What mattered most was whether the victim was born a male, or if he had something to buy his life back!
Yet the perpetrators were mostly religiously convinced that we are all god's creatures. ...
Emotional immaturity is the very evil we need to address--not evil spirits or the like.

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David Horowiz speaks about that on C-Span about his book "Progressive Racism.

It seems to me that the only thing that seperates humans is culture.

sure blame the left for racism because they point out society's inherent racism. I'm tired of the rights assertion that you can blame racism on those who point it out. Horowitz blames the left for everything these days. I can remember when he would blame it all on the right.

I don't subscribe to Horowitz's ideas but am willing to listen to him.

A problem with the internet and information in general is that people tend to gravitate to their own opinion without hearing views outside of their own. Without listening to anothers others ideas how can one learn?

Sadly, It may be as simple as Bernie is from Brooklyn NY, rather than from another neighberhood.

I follow your logic Daniel W

There is no such thing as "Race," Only culture."

We are all related through our DNA - even grass, insects, fish, and etcetera.

Mathemateclay we are related to everyone only 3,000 years ago...

I agree with you Daniel W that may be why the what may be called the Melting pot is sucessfull.

I've read some articles saying a reason California U.S.A. is so sucessfull is because the gold rush brought in people from all over the world. After trouble of intergration the diversity may have resulted in the ideas that allowed diffent ideas to flourish making California if it were a country to be one of the top income, and producercers in the world.

Diversity and acceptance of it is benificial.

Thanks Daniel for your clarifications. You sound a good teacher. I like your details.

Ultimately, emotional immaturity on the part of those obstructing the president may well be the basis of the whole nine yards.  Put bluntly, they are reacting to "the n****r in the White House," they cannot or will not deal with the fact that a black man (and indeed, an exceptionally competent black man) occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and by association the loss of power of white people that represents.  A lot of these same people give lip service to the civil rights movement or LGBTQ rights, but when faced with putting a minority in a superior position to them, people like Mitch McConnell lose their shit.

And so long as we have people who cannot face reality and grow up, this pattern will continue to obtain.

Why  do we have to have different bathrooms?

It doesnt make sense to me - other than that women's bathrooms tend to be more disgusting.

Good point, Chris. And beware of hidden tribalism. There seems to be some of it behind any genocide that ever happened and ever will be. I can see two races: the winner and the loser. Full stop! While the former sees enough room for anyone climbing at the top of the success mountain, the latter complains that the only place they deserve is occupied by their enemy. And the consequences are obvious. Who doesn't see how development--not just economic growth--goes hand in hand with respect of diversity? If Chris, can have his white blood into my black system, how would my paternal roots or something matter? The winners don't matter who rules as long as the rules are followed!


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