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1+1=1 or What Makes Obama Black

I recently learned about emotional intelligence and the importance of knowing one's emotional quotient. I guess it's high time the world started addressing fallacies.
My intention is not to cleanse Barack Obama of his Kenyan root or anything. But how does his father's blackness overshadows his mother's whiteness? By the way, is he black or brown when you look at his picture?
There may be cultural arguments that the man's race or ethnicity prevails. In addition to doubting the "cultural" accuracy, let me illustrate that the "man's root supremacy" usually goes with winds.
In 1994, many Rwandans were massacred for what they were born. When someone was found to have two "roots", then it didn't matter whether the "wrong" root was paternal or maternal. What mattered most was whether the victim was born a male, or if he had something to buy his life back!
Yet the perpetrators were mostly religiously convinced that we are all god's creatures. ...
Emotional immaturity is the very evil we need to address--not evil spirits or the like.

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I thought President Obama was Asian.

That's another legitimate version of the story. Question: Why don't folks track Bush's, Clinton's, or any other people's roots--few Americans' ancestors were there before Columbus anyway!

What happened in Rwanda was terrible. Genocide in "Yugoslavia"  and "Syria" is sickening.

Should the U.S. participate and try to help, or does U.S. participation make it worse?

Lybia and the rise of ISIS may be a reason for the U.S. to quit meddeling.

Its about time in our Human development that race and ethnicity is dumped in the trash. But for some reason it lingers on in our psyche. When are we going to learn. 

What I've seen is the most beauifull people in the world are ethnically  and culturally diverse.

I'm neither white nor black and I never cared about human color or race,, I only care about culture,, if you are adopting an inhuman medieval culture, you are uncivilized by my own standards.

I agree with you,, I might also add,, "why do they keep saying Bernie Sanders is a jew?", It's simply because humans are tribal species.

Daniel Shapiro talks about how tribalism even within similar groups causes conflicts.

Outside of that I enjoy meeting and talking with people from different cultures. 

There are some anthropological therories about why it's benificial, and why once it happens families fight.

Valuable information,, Thanks for sharing..

There was an early DNA researcher named Klein who said something to the effect that we as people are like pages in a book. If we walked around the world we wouldn't noticce the difference from one page to another. From that I gather that there is no such thing as race.

Humans are one. Racism in the U.S. is complex. Caucasians feel guilty about slavery, Africans feel embarrassed by it. Apparently if we stay apart, we don't have to think about it. 

As Klein said we are all intermixed. 

There is no such thing as white, or black blood.


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