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The Planet - December 7, 2012

SUBTLE SLAMS   It may not be a full frontal assault yet, but you are under attack. It may not even be a conscious decision by your theist…

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The Planet - June 30, 2014

in god we trust The religious have decided to go all in. In a mad rush to create a theocracy, they have doomed themselves, and apparently t…

Started by Neal

20 Aug 17
Reply by Stephen Brodie

The Planet - July 24, 2015

IN GOD WE TRUST   Christians are a loud bunch, and their desperate cries make there way across the planet. That desperation circles the gl…

Started by Neal

65 Aug 8
Reply by Chris

The Planet - August 2, 2015

JUMPSEAT JESUS Jesus is always helping those in need; he's a standup kind of guy, always there when you need him. Unfortunately, he's not…

Started by Neal

22 Aug 5
Reply by Stephen Brodie

The Planet - June 3, 2015

TRUTH Atheists we are, and atheists we will more than likely be for the rest of our days on this earth. Every morning begins a new day of…

Started by Neal

32 Jul 7
Reply by Mrs.B

The Planet - June 1, 2015

GOD'S GREATEST What does it take to be a believer? Humility, love, compassion, and maybe just a little generosity? Hell no. In the "I pray…

Started by Neal

6 May 31
Reply by Neal

The Planet - October 20, 2013

a culture of rarity Ali gave me this thought, and it's been wading through the swamp of my brain since. The thought rests on the premise t…

Started by Neal

132 Dec 6, 2013
Reply by doone

The Planet - November 4, 2013

religion When thinking of biblical evil, the omnipresent root of everything bad is the devil. The thought that people are born evil is a p…

Started by Neal

19 Nov 12, 2013
Reply by doone

The Planet - October 28, 2013

religion Kentucky kind of sucks, for atheists at least. When the state came up with their 2006 homeland security law, it contained the fol…

Started by Neal

16 Nov 4, 2013
Reply by doone

The Planet - September 12, 2013

god Nice blog by Jeff Schweitzer talks about one of our favorite lines, "Science Is Not Religion." The rebuttal centers on a recent though…

Started by Neal

36 Oct 24, 2013
Reply by doone

The Planet - September 22, 2013

politics Keeping the insanity "real," the House GOP decided that the honorary position of "science laureate" was just too damn useful for…

Started by Neal

30 Oct 8, 2013
Reply by doone


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