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The Sunday Planet - October 18, 2015

Faith is Death We've talked many times about "enablers;" those that support religion at any cost. Liberal theists who are more accepting o…

Started by NealLatest Reply

The Planet - December 7, 2012

SUBTLE SLAMS   It may not be a full frontal assault yet, but you are under attack. It may not even be a conscious decision by your theist…

Started by NealLatest Reply

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The Sunday Planet - June 11, 2017

Warped Values There is a resurgence of anti-science and anti-humanism in the States. Both the political left and right are embracing nonse…

Started by Neal

81 yesterday
Reply by Chris

The Sunday Planet - January 1, 2017 (NSFW)

The Absence of Meaning On social media, an old friend posted a link to an article about the pursuit of happiness vs the pursuit of meaning…

Started by Neal

74 Feb 1
Reply by Chris

The Sunday Planet - November 20, 2016

The Prize Evil is a word that some would apply to all religious practices that are antithetical to life, and they would be correct. All re…

Started by Neal

28 Dec 22, 2016
Reply by Chris

The Sunday Planet - So You're an Atheist - April 3, 2016

So you're an Atheist Good news! You've decided not to be wasting oxygen whining to your invisible friend all day. The earth would shout ha…

Started by Neal

115 Jul 25, 2016
Reply by Chris

The Sunday Planet - The Morally Obligated Atheist - April 10, 2016

The Morally Obligated Atheist Pope Francis has stated that "atheists who do good will be redeemed." Basically, we're religious now whethe…

Started by Neal

20 Apr 15, 2016
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

The Sunday Planet - February 28, 2016

Hall of Shame The church is a heavy burden that rests uneasily upon man's shoulders. It crushes the weak and tortures the strong, it abus…

Started by Neal

20 Mar 15, 2016
Reply by Chris

The Sunday Planet - February 14, 2016

It's Life and Death With every breath, we take a step forward. The cradle we crawl out of, the walk we walk, the decisions we make, the su…

Started by Neal

11 Feb 16, 2016
Reply by Neal

The Sunday Planet - February 7, 2015

The Moral Atheist Whenever an act of violence can be shown to have its source based on the teachings of a particular religion, it can be…

Started by Neal

30 Feb 12, 2016
Reply by A place called Doone

The Sunday Planet - January 24, 2016

Power Power we have because our thinking is not limited to faith. We all can, to some degree, use critical thinking to understand what we…

Started by Neal

23 Feb 4, 2016
Reply by Chris

The Sunday Planet - January 17, 2016

Moral Minority The atheist minority can lay claim to embracing true morals, the only honest morals, of any group living today. Christian C…

Started by Neal

47 Jan 26, 2016
Reply by Mrs.B


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