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NDAA 2012 - Suspending Habeas Corpus

UPDATE:  President Obama signed NDAA 2012 on New Years day and released a "signing statement" which you can find in its entirety here:  htt…

Started by Ava WilsonLatest Reply

The Big Lie about the Fair Tax, the 999 Plan and any Effort to Reduce Marginal Tax Rates

There you go = there is almost a perfect NEGATIVE correlation between the Highest Marginal Tax Rate and GDP growth for the last 60 years -…

Started by dooneLatest Reply

With Direct Democracy, Who Needs Representatives?

I think we are at the eve of an era of direct democracy.   A system where public opinion on any issue can be measured right this very mome…

Started by MichelLatest Reply

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Do religious people consider Democracy a form of religon?

Started by Chris

14 Dec 29, 2016
Reply by Daniel W

Destruction of the U.S.A. - Dominionists, AKA New Apostolic Reformation

For a couple months I've been digging around in the nasty swamp of reality to make sense of a Trumpf candidacy.  I have a blog—soon to disa…

Started by Ted Gresham

25 Dec 7, 2016
Reply by Chris

"When You Turn an Election into a Three-Ring Circus, There's Always a Chance That ...

... the Dancing Bear Will Win."So says Nancy Isenberg in her NYT Best Selling White Trash, The 400-Year History of Class in America.And we…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

24 Oct 25, 2016
Reply by Chris

CIA Torture Program and Senate Intelligence Committee

I know prople are afraid to discuss this because of the NSA and GCHQ. The Guardian is a great news source as is The Intercept. Friday 9 Sep…

Started by Chris

2 Sep 12, 2016
Reply by Chris

Nelson Mandela: CIA tip-off led to 1962 Durban arrest

Nelson Mandela: CIA tip-off led to 1962 Durban arrest The revelations, made in the Sunday Times newspaper, are based on an interview with…

Started by Stephen

0 May 15, 2016

Sadiq Khan is the first directly-elected Muslim mayor of a Western capital city.

If London elects a Muslim Mayor, where does that leave the accusation we are all Islamophobes I and the majority of Londoners turned out to…

Started by Stephen

3 May 12, 2016
Reply by Stephen

Comparing Canada and the U.S. On Religion in Politics

Watching the political debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton there was a moment when taking questions from the floor i had a cr…

Started by Russell 5

8 May 3, 2016
Reply by Mrs.B

What's the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism?

Is everybody who criticizes Israel an anti-Semite? Absolutely not. Somebody who criticizes Israel for certain of her actions cannot be accu…

Started by Stephen

2 Apr 29, 2016
Reply by Stephen

Office of Religious Freedom

Canada Shuts Down Its Office of Religious Freedom by Terry Firma I wanted to render that headline as Canada Shuts Down Its Office of Reli…

Started by Mrs.B

5 Apr 9, 2016
Reply by Mrs.B


'I was going to bring a two-four': Best barbs between Obama, Trudeau at state dinner Fri, 11 Mar 2016 12:19:47 EST President Barack Ob…

Started by Mrs.B

16 Mar 15, 2016
Reply by Mrs.B


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