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NDAA 2012 - Suspending Habeas Corpus

UPDATE:  President Obama signed NDAA 2012 on New Years day and released a "signing statement" which you can find in its entirety here:  htt…

Started by Ava WilsonLatest Reply

The Big Lie about the Fair Tax, the 999 Plan and any Effort to Reduce Marginal Tax Rates

There you go = there is almost a perfect NEGATIVE correlation between the Highest Marginal Tax Rate and GDP growth for the last 60 years -…

Started by DooneLatest Reply

With Direct Democracy, Who Needs Representatives?

I think we are at the eve of an era of direct democracy.   A system where public opinion on any issue can be measured right this very mome…

Started by MichelLatest Reply

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U.S. States

Curious about how Americans and others  think about the U.S.. Where do you think the worst state in the U.S. would be to live and why?

Started by Chris

10 Apr 30
Reply by Lutz

RICO and The Don

Corruption? Here's an interesting link about Kushner.  The background leads up to the interesting part which begins at about time 33 minut…

Started by Chris

1 Apr 14
Reply by Stephen

Have the rich and powerful lost their altruistic instincts?

Have the rich and powerful lost their altruistic instincts?   Humans are the most altruistic and good of all the animal species, yet at pre…

Started by D L

93 Jan 1
Reply by D L

Iran - One of The U.S.'s most hated enimies

Would someone please tell me why Iran is one of the U.S.'s most hated enimies?

Started by Chris

1 Dec 14, 2018
Reply by Chris

Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Started by D L

143 Nov 24, 2018
Reply by D L

President Donald Trumps Base?

One of the best scams in the U.S. is the prison industrial complex. What a money maker. With the president campaigning and  capitalizing on…

Started by Chris

4 Nov 15, 2018
Reply by Chris

Democrats and Senate fail with Supreme court nomination

Discussion about Kavvanaugh and other topics about the  Supremes, and democrats seem to have missed the point. Had the senate not changed…

Started by Chris

14 Nov 1, 2018
Reply by Chris

“The First Task of Government Is To Make Large Numbers of People Governable.”

That’s what a sociologist told me after I became politically active. How does government do that? Borrowing from Robert Burns, “Let me coun…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

1 May 13, 2018
Reply by Stephen

Muscovy Ducks

Russia’s “ghost” armies and the “heroes of the Russian spring” in Ukraine The most recent important news event was the information about t…

Started by Davy

1 Mar 2, 2018
Reply by Stephen

Impeach Trump ads by Tom Sterer

Which states is this advertisemant running?

Started by Chris

1 Dec 15, 2017
Reply by Chris


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