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Geologic Column

Geologic Column Practically nowhere on Earth can one find the so-called “geologic column” (a). Most “geologic periods” are missing at most…

Started by Dan Carlton

36 Jan 26, 2016
Reply by Neal

Atheism Is Not A Religion, And We Don’t Want Your Tax Breaks: FFRF To Feds

Forgive me if you've seen this one before. God save the atheists from your followers. In a story that sounds like something out of Bizarro…

Started by Stephen

3 Jan 12, 2016
Reply by Mrs.B

Science Disproves Evolution

Index Fossils 4 J. L. B. Smith, a well-known fish expert from South Africa, studied the first two captured coelacanths, nicknamed the coel…

Started by Dan Carlton

10 Jan 7, 2016
Reply by Neal

A (Very) Short History of Christmas Saturn in Keeping Saturn in Saturnaliawww.youtub…

Started by Matt Finnes

1 Dec 29, 2015
Reply by Barbara Anne Heinen

The Banning of Trump from the UK

The petition to have Donald Trump banned from the UK has reached 500,000 signatures, which is fantastic but just how they would be able to…

Started by Stephen

22 Dec 28, 2015
Reply by doone

Liberal candidates must be pro-choice, Trudeau

At last a pro choice Government in north America

Started by Stephen

2 Nov 8, 2015
Reply by Mrs.B

Multiple Male Orgasms Are Possible...and They're FREE!

All a guy has to do is break that strong-as-steel mental connection between orgasm and ejaculation. My girlfriend helped me break the conne…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

0 Oct 21, 2015

One of My Arguments for More Democracy

"Were the people to rule themselves they would create trust. May they ever have distrust for one another, for as our need for power hurries…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

0 Oct 21, 2015

Is homosexuality a genetic disposition?

If someone is homosexual because they are genetically wired to be that way, does that make it right? If I am genetically disposed to lying,…

Started by Van Jones

6 Oct 16, 2015
Reply by Van Jones

Demean and harass his worst political enemy!

Catholic School Board Trustee Says 7-Year-Old Trans Girl is “Mentally Disordered” by Camille Beredjick Over the past couple of weeks,…

Started by Mrs.B

2 Sep 23, 2015
Reply by Mrs.B


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