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Paris attacks: More than 120 killed at Bataclan and restaurants

At the same time we are taking in refugees from the Mid East. Islamists attack Paris killing Hundreds of innocent people. Just before the a…

Started by StephenLatest Reply

what is your media of choice

What do you read for your source of news. What media outlets. My favorites are the Financial times, the Banker( n…

Started by zrdmLatest Reply

Skepticism vs science vs atheism

This is an atheist website primarily. There is of course, plenty of common ground with science lovers and skeptics, since many people came…

Started by AdrianaLatest Reply

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Amazing Rescue

‘Wasn’t our time’: 3 narrowly escape as snow fort collapses in N.S. Published 6 hours ago The family dog dug the father free from the we…

Started by Mrs.B

2 on Tuesday
Reply by Mrs.B


                Roughly one month ago, I published my first newsletter as the new editor in chief for Atheist Republic, in whi…

Started by Mrs.B

0 Jan 30

Is It Just Me?.......

......Or does this strike anyone else as rather inappropriate, sickening, & sleazy?

Started by Mrs.B

32 Jan 28
Reply by Stephen

This is the poster i have on my laptop. what do you have on yours.

Started by Stephen

2 Jan 26
Reply by Mrs.B

UK Bans Teaching Creationism

Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In All UK Public Schools In what's being heralded as a secular triumph, the UK government…

Started by Mrs.B

4 Dec 22, 2016
Reply by Chris

Obama Tears Up Tramp.

ariana @ariana_picoo RT @Powerful: Obama tears Donald Trump in 40 seconds.…

Started by Mrs.B

3 Nov 22, 2016
Reply by Alexis Habiyaremye

Real Life: What We Don't Say About Politics, Religion or Sexuality Because...

...what we want to say may frighten those whose approval we seek.   What we don't talk about will be used to rule over us. I first heard th…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

8 Nov 5, 2016
Reply by Chris

Hacking Happens: Describe Life When We Have Few If Any Secrets

During the 1960s, we in the computer industry knew hackers would try to get access to information stored on computers. We knew confidential…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

0 Oct 16, 2016

Introduce Yourself

  This is where you can introduce yourself to the Atheist Universe community, in as many or as few words as you'd like.   Who are you, what…

Started by Atheist Universe

980 Oct 7, 2016
Reply by Stephen

Idealists say . . . ; Cynics say . . . ; Realists say . . . .

A friend lives in a state-run retirement community. A few hours ago he told me of a situation in which a state employee can grant or deny t…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

14 Sep 27, 2016
Reply by Chris


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