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Death and the Skeptic

The following article by yours truly, Death and the Skeptic, is currently featured on The Humanist, a publication of the American Humanist…

Started by Hiram CLatest Reply

Awareness of our mortality is a major driver of civilization

We have often discussed how fear of death is one of the driving forces of religious beliefs. Most religions offer immortality through an "a…

Started by AdrianaLatest Reply

The Fireplace Delusion

Thought provoking blog post by sam harris: The Fireplace Delusion It seems to me that many nonbelievers have forgotten—or never knew—what…

Started by BillLatest Reply

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What Do Canadians Think is Important?

Canadian Atheist has posted a new item, 'What do Canadians think is important for being Canadian?' Pew Research Centre recently released…

Started by Mrs.B

5 Feb 15
Reply by Chris

Hands up who's bored with the Olympics already.

The Olympics is only a day old and already I'm bored to tears with it. Am I the only one to feel this way about the games. I used to love w…

Started by Stephen

13 Aug 13, 2016
Reply by Chris

Web Dating Sites and Marketing

In the late 1980's I read an article in Wired magazine saying that a huge percentage (70%-75%?) of profiles represented on the internet wer…

Started by Chris

31 Aug 6, 2016
Reply by Chris

Upcoming Emin talk

Hi all, There's an upcoming gathering for The Emin where I live and I'm interestedin attendinf to document any woo they intend to discuss.…

Started by David Kelly

6 Jul 26, 2016
Reply by Chris

Ignorance and Fear Mongering

New post on Canadian Atheist Ignorance and Fear Mongering by Veronica Abbass A recent article in the Globe and Mail announced, "Liberals to…

Started by Mrs.B

1 Feb 13, 2016
Reply by Chris

Canadian Atheists Aren't the Most Hated

Atheists Aren't the Most Hated Religious Group in Canada ...…

Started by Mrs.B

0 Jan 9, 2016

8 year old atheist

Started by Mrs.B

6 Jan 4, 2016
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Social Tension and Conflict

Religion and politics led to social tension and conflict, then and now Posted: 21 Dec 2015 10:38 AM PST Humans haven't learned much in mor…

Started by Mrs.B

2 Dec 22, 2015
Reply by Mrs.B

Britain No Longer a Christian Nation

Britain No Longer a Christian Nation Britain is no longer a predominantly Christian nation and needs to stop giving the church a promi…

Started by Mrs.B

2 Dec 18, 2015
Reply by Stephen

Atheism: many small groups with no association that brings us together in large numbers.. thoughts?

I've been searching the Internet for large atheistic live chats..  apparently that is difficult to find... it is unfortunate that what we h…

Started by kevin varney

22 Nov 18, 2015
Reply by Chris


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