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Death and the Skeptic

The following article by yours truly, Death and the Skeptic, is currently featured on The Humanist, a publication of the American Humanist…

Started by Hiram CLatest Reply

Awareness of our mortality is a major driver of civilization

We have often discussed how fear of death is one of the driving forces of religious beliefs. Most religions offer immortality through an "a…

Started by AdrianaLatest Reply

The Fireplace Delusion

Thought provoking blog post by sam harris: The Fireplace Delusion It seems to me that many nonbelievers have forgotten—or never knew—what…

Started by BillLatest Reply

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London Pride

Many of my Gay friends took part in Today's pride parade it takes place just Minutes from where i live, Couldn't attend myself due to illne…

Started by Stephen Brodie

3 Jun 27
Reply by Mrs.B

What Women Want, Alberta's oil

what women want Exactly. @hope, I want your opinion on this, as a Saudi woman.

Started by zrdm

15 Jul 20, 2014
Reply by Chris

Australia History and Current Comments

From Buzzfeed This Is How "Unsettled" Australia Was Before The British Arrived In 1788 Apparently, Tony Abbott needs to brush up on his…

Started by doone

0 Jul 6, 2014

Hypatia and Catherine of Alexandria

Catherine of Alexandria Is it true that there is no historical evidence of her existence? some say, she was the Christian counterpart of Hy…

Started by Hope

19 Jun 27, 2014
Reply by Chris

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

From Juan Cole in remembrance of the the USAS shootings this week Source http://www.juancole.com/2012/08/top-ten-differences-between-white-

Started by doone

2 Jun 11, 2014
Reply by Suzanna

Mother Theresa: Faithless Fraud and Hypocrite

Mother Teresa: Faithless Fraud and Hypocrite Contributed by admin on Tue, 2007/10/30 - 10:09am In sections: IndiaInternationalPovertyReligi…

Started by Alayna

16 Jan 5, 2014
Reply by Elana

World Thinkers 2013

After more than 10,000 votes from over 100 countries, the results of Prospect’s world thinkers 2013 poll are in. Online polls often throw…

Started by Claudia Mercedes Mazzucco

1 May 11, 2013
Reply by Adriana

Did they really say that?

This is something that has been on my mind for a while now. Which celebs are really atheist? My facebook page has been lit up with quotes f…

Started by Neo

3 Apr 29, 2013
Reply by Onyango Makagutu

There is no such thing as a "you."

To pursue on a thread derailment started by me HERE, about my doubts on the existence of a "core self" that experiences the universe subjec…

Started by Michel

17 Apr 21, 2013
Reply by Robert Joseph Jagiello

What is your learning style?

According to this chart, I'm visual/solitary. I'm teaching myself web programming and I have to draw tons of little diagrams to understand…

Started by Michel

4 Apr 17, 2013
Reply by Davy


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