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fixed it

Bible basher's always say that everything in the Bible is the actual word of God. There fixed it

Started by Stephen Brodie in PETITIONSLatest Reply

what is your media of choice

What do you read for your source of news. What media outlets. My favorites are the Financial times, the Banker( n…

Started by zrdm in GeneralLatest Reply

Malala Yousafzai

This Illustrated Malala Yousafzai Quote Might Make You Cry The wonderful Zen Pencils created this powerful cartoon based on a quote by Mala…

Started by doone in MoralityLatest Reply

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Friends family members

I lost most of my friends, family members for what i'am thinking about i do not believe in god not even in all religions i lost my girl fri…

Started by Raffy in General

5 1 hour ago
Reply by Raffy

Unthinking Democratic Policy versus Unfeeling Republican Policy

Diplomacy has been defined as the art of saying what you want to say and getting away before anyone figures out your intentions.I chose to…

Started by Tom Sarbeck in Political Zoo

0 8 hours ago

Introduce Yourself

  This is where you can introduce yourself to the Atheist Universe community, in as many or as few words as you'd like.   Who are you, what…

Started by Atheist Universe in General

793 on Wednesday
Reply by Lutz

A Christian who wants Atheist Feedback

So I will throw it honestly from the get go.  My name is Jordan (James), and I live in the Dallas metroplex.  I'm 22 and pursuing a graduat…

Started by James Vaughn in General

17 Nov 9
Reply by Onyango Makagutu

What happened to the Zero Population Growth movement?

What happened to the Zero Population Growth movement? It seems to have died. I commonly see people with three, or more children. I worked w…

Started by Chris in Religions

39 Nov 5
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

The Ultimate Designer!

 I agree that any complex product needs an explanation.Let's say the explanation is a designer. Humans design a product let's say a watch.…

Started by hakan barut in Secularism

82 Oct 24
Reply by Stephen Brodie

Ginger Atheist Comedian

What's up, fellow heathens? My name is Ryan and I'm a Atheist stand-up comedian. If you love godless humor as much as I do; could I bother…

Started by Ryan Bourassa in General

0 Oct 10

With Direct Democracy, Who Needs Representatives?

I think we are at the eve of an era of direct democracy.   A system where public opinion on any issue can be measured right this very mome…

Started by Michel in Political Zoo

74 Oct 9
Reply by Chris

How do you really feel about believers ?

Notice my question is about feelings, and not relying on beliefs and knowledge... Suppose you meet someone new not knowing where his allegi…

Started by Marianne in Religions

223 Oct 9
Reply by Chris

Did Ben Afflack even know who Sam Harris was

Did anyone here see Ben Afflack's attack on Sam Harris on the Bill Maher show.And did Ben Afflack even know who Sam Harris was and what he…

Started by Stephen Brodie in Society

0 Oct 7


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